Travel Requirements:

  • All guests must have a valid passport to travel to Dubai.
  • Covid-19 Requirements: Effective February 26, 2022, passengers traveling to Dubai from all countries must fulfill one of the below requirements
      1. Present a valid vaccination certificate(s) reflecting that the passenger is fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and includes a QR code; or
      2. Present a valid Negative Covid‑19 Test certificate that should be based on a molecular diagnostic test intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid for SARS‑COV‑2 viral RNA, that is issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection and issued by an approved health service provider, with a QR code; or
      3. Present a valid medical certificate issued by the relevant authorities that the passenger has recovered from Coronavirus SARS Covid‑19 within a period of one (1) month from the date of recovery to the date of arrival, with a QR code

Late Payment Penalties:

  • 5 Day Grace Period for Late Payments – Any Guest that is Late making their Payment will be Automatically Dropped if your Payment is NOT paid after 5 Days of the Due Date. (If you have a roommate please be sure that you and your roommate(s) agree to make all your payments on time to avoid your roommate being dropped for late payments)

Payment Schedule & Cancellation Policy:

  1. All booking cancellations must be in writing and shall only be effective upon acknowledged receipt by ELITE CREATIVE GROUP LLC. If cancellations are NOT made within 90 days prior to the trip, June 23rd; all payments received will be forfeited.
    The schedule for cancellations:

    1. The initial deposit is nonrefundable. Deposits are transferable if your account is active (not dropped from a lack of an on-time payment) to an unregistered guest.
    2. Cancellations made before January 23rd; guest will receive a full refund, excluding the deposit.
    3. Cancellations made after March 20th; guest will receive 50% refund, excluding the deposit.
    4. There will be NO refunds for cancellations made after June 23rd.
    5. All cancellations must be submitted via email and please include any roommates in your cancellation email. Cancellations cannot be made over the phone.
    6. There can be no name changes or transfers of any kind after July 11th, 2023.
  2. If you are a “no show,” your reservation shall be considered cancelled. If you have not notified Elite Creative Group prior to the cancellation, the schedule for cancellations detailed in paragraph one shall apply.
  3. Any request to amend or change a booking once it has been confirmed will be subject to availability.
  4. Late payments are subject to cancellation and refunds will be applied according to the cancellation schedule.
  5. There will be No refunds if Dubai or Airlines change their policy, that all guests must be vaccinated to enter into Dubai or to travel, and you choose not to be vaccinated prior to the trip.
  6. There will be no refunds or partial refunds if your flight is delayed or cancelled entering into Dubai or Abi Dhabi causing you to miss day(s) of the trip.
  7. There is a $50 name change fee. If you are dropped from the trip due to not making an on-time payment there is a $50 fee to be added back to the trip, and is subject to availability.
  8. After July 11th, 2023 we will not be able make any adjustments, cancellations, replacements, or name changes to guest rooms, regardless of transportation issues, job conflicts, or health reasons. * If we are able to make any name changes after July 11th, 2023 there will be a $250 change fee.
  9. No Refunds will be issued for NO Shows regardless of transportation issues due to illness, death, positive covid test prior to the trip, cancelled or delayed flights and/or problems with any other means of transportation.