Travel Documentation:

All Guest must have a Valid Passport to enter Dubai.  To obtain a U.S. passport please click here

Air Travel:

Dubai International Airport – DXB


Abu Dhabi International Airport – AUH

Covid Travel Requirements:

We strongly recommend that all guests signing up for this trip be vaccinated.

Effective February 26, 2022, passengers traveling to Dubai from all countries must fulfill one of the below requirements

  1. Present a valid vaccination certificate(s) reflecting that the passenger is fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and includes a QR code; or
  2. Present a valid Negative Covid‑19 Test certificate that should be based on a molecular diagnostic test intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid for SARS‑COV‑2 viral RNA, that is issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection and issued by an approved health service provider, with a QR code; or
  3. Present a valid medical certificate issued by the relevant authorities that the passenger has recovered from Coronavirus SARS Covid‑19 within a period of one (1) month from the date of recovery to the date of arrival, with a QR code

Travel Tips:

Time difference in Dubai:

  • 8 hours ahead east coast time
  • 9 hours ahead central time
  • 11 hours ahead of west time

Booking Your Arrival Fight for Dubai

You will need to depart from your city on Thursday, September 21st.  Our Meet & Greet in Dubai is from 2pm-10pm on September 22nd

We recommend selecting a flight that has you arrive in Dubai so you can make it to our Meet & Greet.  You will be able to check into the hotel anytime on September 22nd.

Booking Your Departure Flight Dubai: Our trip ends September 29th

After you have booked your package, email us by February 2023 so we can extend your stay.

We recommend booking your flight no later than 4 months in advance. 

Preferred flight search engines:

Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Studies shows Tuesday is the cheapest day to book international and domestic economy tickets and Saturday and Sunday are the cheapest for premium air flights. The worst day to purchase a ticket is Thursday and Friday.

Interested in Travel Insurance?

We recommend Allianz Travel Insurance

Sudden illness. Severe weather. Delayed flights. When the unexpected happens, you can rely on travel insurance to help make things right.

  • If you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason, travel insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs. Without insurance, you could lose your vacation investment.
  • If you experience a covered medical emergency, travel insurance can help ensure you get high-quality care and reimburse you for covered medical costs. Without insurance, you may have to pay out of pocket when traveling overseas.
  • If you have a covered travel delay, travel insurance can reimburse you for necessary, eligible expenses like hotels and meals. Without insurance, delays can be expensive.
  • If you face an unexpected crisis, travel insurance gives you access to 24-Hour Hotline Assistance for expert help and advice. Without insurance, you’re on your own.

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